Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Caps Visit Atlanta

After another woeful performance last night against Carolina the Caps will travel to Atlanta to meet with fellow cellar-dwellers, the Thrashers. The game isn't going to be televised because it conflicts with a Versus Network game (Islander/Rangers) which means most Capitals fans will miss the NHL debut of Chris Bourque (not me though, I'll be there, suffering through 15,000 Thrasher fans).

The Capitals website preview lists Ovechkin with Nylander and Backstrom as a likely line for tonight's game. Apparently the coaches have gone from thinking Ovechkin didn't need any playmakers on his line to be successful to thinking he needs two. Nylander and Ovechkin is no-brainer with the injuries the Caps have right now but I think the team would be better suited playing Kozlov with Ovechkin rather than Backstrom, since it makes Kozlov and Ovechkin more comfortable. Although the two had their chance to play together and didn't really click, so maybe it's time to go against their wishes.

Oh, and if you need another reason to hate Thrasher fans here's one. The Thrasher's website currently has a poll asking who the best offensive player in the NHL is, and 64% of Thrasher's fans think it's Kovalchuk. C'mon he's not even going to be the best Russian left wing in tonight's game.



1) So are Nylander and Backstrom Siamese twins now? Can't seperate that duo?

DMG said...

Ha, apparently! I understood the logic of matching up Backstrom and Nylander at the start of the season - have another Swedish playmaking center for Backstrom to learn from. But truthfully Backstrom has looked so mature and so steady I think we can wean him away from Nylander by this point, even if he isn't ready for center yet.

CapsChick said...

I can't wait to see a full report on the game, since most of us will be stuck with just the radio - cheer loudly!! ;)