Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Caps Lose to Leafs, 3-2

Maple Leafs 3, Capitals 2

I can't remember the last time I saw a team get dominated like the Maple Leafs were last night and still win the game. The Capitals outhit, outshot, outchanced, outskated and outworked the home team in Toronto last night but they just couldn't outscore them.

Two things can bury a team that generally outplays its opponent: bad luck and bad plays; the Capitals fell victim to both. The Leafs first game came when Donald Brashear tried to make a between-the-legs breakout pass in his own zone (bad play). The Leafs second goal came at the end of a sequences where the puck was kept in the Capitals end because Mike Green blew a tire behind his own goal line (bad luck). The Leafs third goal came because whoever should have been covering Mats Sundin (the center on the line, I think Dave Steckel) was no where to be found (bad play), because Olaf Kolzig put a rebound in a bad area (bad play) and because Sundin just happened to be in exactly the right/wrong spot (bad luck). Take away those combined thirty seconds and there's really nothing to complain about as a Caps fan.

The Capitals haven't yet lost consecutive games in regulation under Bruce Boudreau and with the team coming home and looking to get the two points they earned last night, I'd be willing to bet today won't be the first time it happens either.

Quick Hits

  • If he's going to hit like that every game I, for one, can overlook John Erskine's deficiencies in the skating department.
  • Where was Tom Poti going with that hog-tie on Dominic Moore?
  • The Maple Leafs had 11 players take shots; the Capitals had 16.


Dan, Jr. said...

Not like the high scoring events we've gotten used to lately. But, I'm OK with that. Like you pointed out, without a couple mistakes or bits of bad luck, the Caps could have come out on top.

I'm really liking most of Erskine's play lately. I wish Poti could be more consistant, too. The Cap's will take tonight's game.

usually frustrated caps fan said...

Well I agree the Caps outplayed the Leafs but the effort by both teams seemed "subdued". Hopefully tonight will be the two point night they deserved last night. LETS GO CAPS!!!