Friday, January 4, 2008

Caps Chat!

Caps Chat (or as the Post calls it "Capitals Live Discussion") with Tarik is back!

Truthfully, now that it's over, I don't have much to add to anything Tarik said. He did a phenomenal job. I will note this though:

Atlanta: Mr El-Bashir,

The Bruins' second goal last night (where Schultz and Kolzig were tangled up) has raised a little debate today. Do you think Schultz was "outmuscled" down low or do you think it was a case of Kobasew giving him a well-timed nudge while the two were skating together? Should it have been a penalty or crease violation on Kobasew?

Tarik El-Bashir: I think it was a well-time shove. But I also think it should have been an interference call. I mean, when a team is already down two players, the refs can't allow the opposing team to intentionally take out the goalie, too, right? Kobasew knew exactly what he was doing.

Apparently it's me and Tarik against the rest of the blogosphere.

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