Monday, January 14, 2008

Capitals Goaltending By the Numbers

I've put together this table comparing the league's goaltending statistics with the Capitals' netminders. There are currently 44 goaltenders who have played enough to qualify for the league lead in statistics. As Olaf Kozlig is one of them, the number in parentheses next to his statistics is his league rank; since Brent Johnson is not among the 44 qualified goalies the number in parentheses is what his rank would be if he has enough minutes to qualify.

League median is derived by calculating the mean of the 22nd and 23rd ranked goalies.

Goals Against Average

Save Percentage

Shootout Save %

Olaf Kolzig

3.04 (39)

.888 (42)

50.0 (t-25)

Brent Johnson

2.85 (31)

.900 (t-33)


League Median




League Leader





bryan said...

Just out of curiosity, can you include Bryzgalov's numbers?

DMG said...

I was considering putting his in there but I didn't want to get yelled at by people who were tired of hearing about it.


2.42 GAA (11)
.919 (8)
82.4 Shootout save % (5)

w/ Phoenix:
2.38 GAA
.921 save %

He has one shutout this year, which came with the Coyotes

usually frustrated caps fan said...

dmg interesting stats and certainly relevant but here's a couple of points - a) I believe GAA really needs to be looked at next to average number of scoring chances you give opponets per game - in other words there is a team aspect to GAA that's oft times overlooked; b)save percentage also has some aspects that are team oriented - I think a more interesting stat is save % vs 1st shot - in otherwords when your team lets somebody come in and pick up a rebound it's definately a factor - for example Alexander Semin's second goal last night really wasn't on Emery, etc. Bottom line is the Goalie is definately a key position and as the last line of defense the buck stops there rerlative to Win/Loss records. Olie and Johnnie's perfromances since the coaching change seem to have risen similar to the rest of the teams. They certainly don't seem to be the main reason for the 7 losses since the day after Thanksgiving nor are they the only reason for the 13 wins. It's a team sport, and I'm glad the team we root for is playing better these days, LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bryan said...

Bryzgalov's numbers would have tremendously catapulted the caps into the division lead by now.