Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Love You, Coach Boudreau: Part III

...or: The Capitals Better Win Tonight.

According to Tarik, Boudreau had this to say after last night's game:

"I'll find out about a lot of guys [tonight]. Is it a, 'Hang my head, woe-is-me crowd,' or a 'Let's be determined and turn it around again'" crowd?

Honestly, right now I think it's the latter, with the way this team has been playing under Boudreau.

Either way, there's no doubt the Capitals should win tonight. They're better than Tampa, should come out hungry after last night's Kolzig inflicted frustrating loss and Tampa is struggling with injuries.

Not too long ago I would have said a team would be fortunate to face the Capitals after a game they had last night because the Caps would likely be discouraged and frustrated and come out with an uneven effort. Now it's just the opposite - I expect the Capitals to come out aggressive, focused and determined to get the two points they should have had last night.

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